Gathering the top STEM talent to tackle issues in the Greater Toronto Area and make it a smarter city by leveraging available data.


As the Chief Analytics Officer at CIBC, Terry is recognized leader & global speaker. He leads the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide analytics strategy to leverage best practices in artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning at CIBC.
Terry Hickey
Chief Analytics Officer
Keynote Speaker

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Fabio plays a high-level advisory role that sees the big picture and delivers critical insights across the organization. For the past 10 years, Fabio has been providing strategic guidance to senior executives, sponsoring technological innovation while developing the next generation of analytics leaders. Fabio’s work experience extends to the retail, banking and investment industries.
Fabio Rodrigues
Director of Mgmt Insights & Analytics at CPPIB
Closing Speaker

Susie Pan
Product Lead
RBC Ventures
Panel Moderator

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As a Product Lead at RBC Ventures, Susie founded justLiv, an app that helps housemate manage their chores and bills. Previously, she was a Product Lead at Borealis AI, RBC’s Institute for Research in ML and AI. Susie was also an entrepreneur at the Next 36 Program and an early-stage employee at Wirkin.
Albert is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Big Viking Games, a social gaming company. He is also a serial entrepreneur and blockchain & AI investor who has founded 6 successful companies which include BubbleShare, a photo-sharing company which he sold to Disney in 2007 and Kontagent - a Facebook-funded analytics platform tracking that tracks dollars spent on social games.
Albert Lai
Founder & CEO
Big Viking Games


Betty Zhang is currently a Data Scientist at Rubikloud where she joined 3 years ago as a Data Analyst. Prior to Rubikloud, Betty was at Bell Canada as a Business Intelligence Specialist. She graduated from Queen’s Commerce in 2014 and transitioned from business to data science.
Betty Zhang
Data Scientist

Wendy Foster is the Director of Engineering & Data Science at PagerDuty where she builds machine learning capacity and drives ML investments and innovation. Armed with a PhD from UBC, Wendy has previously led data-driven software as a Director of Data Products at Wattpad and a Senior Data Analyst at Kobo.
Wendy Foster, PhD
Director of Engineering, Data Science & Analytics at PagerDuty
Panelist & Judge
Jean Desgagne is the former president of TMX group, and a transformational innovation leader. He led TMX's Global Datalinx Data, Insights & Analytics, and the Europe-based businesses with a focus on innovation, product development and platform strategies. Prior to this, he has also been a VP at TD Bank, and Bank of Montreal, and UBS. Jean is on the Boards of Directors of Trayport, TSX Trust and an advisor to multiple startups.
Jean Desgagne
Former President & CEO, TMX Group


Bella Ainani
Senior Data Analyst

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Bella is a Senior Data Analyst at CPPIB’s Enterprise Data Services department. She's responsible for designing and building solutions for core enterprise data, developing proof-of-concepts to support investment decisions, and improving operational processes through automation.
As part of the Research and Innovation Group at Capital Markets & Factor Investing, CPPIB, Fei is responsible for sourcing interesting data sets and developing data engineer process to research and build systematic/quantitative investment strategy in public equity. She has also worked at banks and insurance companies prior to joining CPPIB in 2013.
Fei Jia
Senior Associate - Research & Innovation

As part of the Data Engineering team, Emma is responsible for monitoring data for multiple regional investment strategies, improving system infrastructure, and evaluating potential data sources for investment purposes. Emma holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Dalhousie University, where she was at the top of her class, an executive on multiple committees, and a teaching assistant.
Emma MacKay
Analyst, Research & Innovation Group

May is a Data Science Specialist at SAS Canada, trained in classical Statistics andMachine Learning. With her analytical background, she helps companies implement components of Artificial Intelligence to surface actionable insights from data.
May Masoud
Data Science Solution Specialist

Jansen Sullivan is the lead of NEST & Ventures at Catalytic AI – an AI company that helps businesses automate business processes. As a Lead Educator for Data Analytics at Brainstrain, he has taught many analytics enthusiasts.
Jansen Sullivan
Lead of NEST & Ventures
Catalytic AI

Samin Khan
Co-founder at smartARM
ML Research Assistant University of Toronto

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Samin is the co-founder of smartARM - creating robotic prosthetics using computer vision and machine learning. smartARM uses palm embedded cameras to recognize objects and calculate grip which led them to place 1st place at Microsoft's Imagine Cup World Finals in 2018.
Hussain is the Co-Founder and CTO of Privasee AI – a company building customer analytics software for brick and mortar retail stores. He is also a Product & Tech advisor for AcornTalent
Susan Shu develops predictive models at Bell as part of the Data Science Team. She has also led econometrics research and was a lead developer at Quill Game Studios where she built video games with Python.
Susan Shu
Data Science Predictive Modelling
Bell Canada

Farwa is an award-winning Head of Product & Design who previously led product at Canada’s AI company of the year, Nudge.ai - a platform that uses machine learning to find actionable insights on target accounts. She now enables startups to create software in Fintech, Health, Education & AI through her product consultancy, Explorux. She is also a Product & Tech advisor at AcornTalent.
Farwa Kazmi
Founder & CEO

Hussain is the Co-Founder and CTO of Privasee AI – a company building customer analytics software for brick and mortar retail stores. He is also a Product & Tech advisor for AcornTalent
Hussain Punjani
Privasee AI

From a business lawyer to product growth to Blockchain expert, Maggie has worn many hats in the tech industry. She currently leads business development at Decentral to assess ICO projects and systemize the deal signing process by negotiating and closing partnerships. She is also a Product & Tech advisor at AcornTalent.
Maggie Xu
Business Development Lead

Josh is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte and has led various data-driven development teams with a focus on Product Development, Commercialization, and Retail Analytics across multiple sectors. He is also a Product & Tech advisor for AcornTalent.
Joshua Kho
Senior Consultant

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