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AcornTalent is a company composed of young entrepreneurs aiming to better diversify the recruitment process. We are collectively working towards creating more opportunities for individuals to enter the growing field of data science.

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Our Leadership Team

Erica Wang
"The fact that high school students can build and run startups is a sign that a degree should no longer be the barrier between data science talents and top-tier jobs."
Helen Lin
Chief technology officer
Being CTO of AcornTalent has allowed me to challenge myself in building a large scale project through code while incorporating my passion for design and user experience.
Malaika Zahid
I love being the VP of HR because one thing about me whether you know me personally or not is I care about people. Being the VP of HR, I am given a chance to create meaningful and lasting relationships among all the members in our company which is extremely rewarding!
Hong Yi Chen
Chief product officer
As the CPO, I'm able to lead a team in designing products that create meaningful impacts on the lives of our users. Whether it's through focusing on UI/UX or overseeing the overall development of the platform; I'm passionate about championing solutions to actual problems.
Jalena Lee
chief REVENUE officer
As CRO of AcornTalent, I enjoy the collaborative role I play in working with both businesses and our team. If I could describe it in three words, it'd be: collaborative, customer-focused, and exciting.
Jennifer Zhang
"We make a living with what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I've always admired the drive behind impact-oriented companies that aim to go beyond making profit and address societal issues.
Sameer Jessa
I love finance! The idea of figuring out models and seeing if our company will break even is so much fun.
Serena Beddoe
chief marketing officer
I’m specifically interested in marketing because it lets me learn business theory while incorporating my love for digital art!